Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is made up of the Knudsons and and the Browns. They have done a lot of cooking in their own kitchens, but this is the very first time they’ve teamed up for a cooking competition! They love Cranfills Gap and couldn’t be happier that their first stab at competition cooking is at Bacon Bash! They had so much fun last year sampling all of the tastebud-tickling dishes that they said they were determined then and there that they’d try a hand at it in 2018. They’ve been putting bacon in just about everything to figure out what delicious dish to compete with. “Isn’t it wonderful how bacon can add such amazing flavor and texture to so many fine recipes?” team captain, Teri Knudson, said. “We are excited to be there behind the counter this year but we are also looking forward to tasting the fare of the other competitors! Mmmmmmm! Please come by and see us, taste our bacon concoction, and mostly, have fun! Our team is Francis Bacon and we’ll see you there!”


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