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Owen and Sandy are the most caring and loving people I have met. I had gone to many of their other fundraisers for Niki Warms the Cold, and their dedication to their daughter’s memory made me want to help. Now after hearing some stories from parents with children with Type 1 Diabetes, it makes it even more special. Bacon Bash is changing these kids’ lives.

Chrissy Lane

Pederson's Natural Farms

Owen and Sandi Carlson set an example that must be followed! They inspired a group of individuals to do something, and Bacon Bash Texas was born! I feel very blessed, I work for a company that feels very blessed, and Bacon Bash Texas gives me and us an opportunity to pass that blessing to others. The most amazing thing comes from genuinely giving of your time and money to help others who may not be able to help themselves… it makes you HAPPY! I LOVE to be happy, and, at the core, that is the reason I am involved with Bacon Bash! The pure luck of the deal is I get to volunteer with my wife, work family, and hundreds of other close friends to help put on a uniquely located and designed event that is a heck of a lot of fun, growing awareness, and raising money for great causes!!

Neil Dudley

Pederson's Natural Farms

Christie Beyer

ABF Packing

Scott Cooney

Pederson's Natural Farms

My son, Ely, was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes in January 2015 at the age of 10. My family is very blessed to be able to provide Ely with all of the best medical devices available to assist him with controlling his blood sugar and, most importantly, keeping him safe. However, I began to learn after his diagnosis how many parents cannot afford to provide life-saving medical devices such as the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor for their T1Ds. Many times families can’t afford this device despite both parents working and having insurance. The Dexcom literally saves lives every day and should be provided the day of diagnosis to all T1Ds. Having a Dexcom results in kids being able to have freedom to go places and be regular kids and their parents still being able to monitor their blood sugar and keep them safe. The Dexcom also gives parents the ability to sleep at night without getting up repeatedly to check their T1D child’s blood sugar. No one can understand the toll this disease takes physically, mentally and emotionally on both the T1D and the caregivers unless they walk this path. This is a 24/7 disease with no break. The Dexcom makes a difference I could never truly describe the full value of.

Melanie Taylor

Boucher, Morgan and Young, a P.C.


I tell everyone, “I’m the luckiest guy you’ve ever met,”​ and I believe it. But better stated would be, “I’m the most blessed man you’ve ever met.” I clearly understand (although sometimes get selfishly sidetracked) my purpose in life is to serve God and man. There are always opportunities to serve, but sometimes we miss them. Sometimes what we think is an act of service turns out not to be what we thought, and we wish we would have put our efforts somewhere else. Still, there are times that we are committed and confident in our cause, but feel our impact was not worth the effort. Bacon Bash is an obvious opportunity to serve, the funds are truly put to good use no matter who we help, and it reminds us that helping one individual is just as important as helping one hundred. I’m proud to play a small part in that. I’m even more proud to share that Bacon Bash has become a blessing to me, just as it is a blessing to all those that it is able to serve.   And it’s a lot of fun, too.

Cody Lane

Pederson's Natural Farms

We were asked to give a reason why we are involved in Bacon Bash Texas. There are so many reasons, but the two most important for us are our daughter, Niki, and our niece, Lexie. Niki came home Thanksgiving of 2009 and asked us to save blankets so she could share with those in need. March 18, 2010, we lost Niki to carbon monoxide poisoning… she had planted a seed, and “Niki Warms the Cold” began. Since Thanksgiving of 2010, we have traveled around sharing blankets, socks, winter hats, gloves, toiletries, and jackets. A few years into our journey, Lexie mentioned to me that she wanted to make a difference like Niki, but wanted to be here to see it. Lexie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on 12/7/98 at the age of seven and attended Camp Sweeney for eight years. When Scott Cooney mentioned a Bacon Cook-off to benefit Niki Warms the Cold, sharing the proceeds with Children with Type 1 Diabetes seemed like the right thing to do. Lexie was able to attend two of the Bacon Bash Texas events before losing her battle with diabetes June 20, 2014.

Owen and I feel blessed that we are part of such an amazing event with such wonderful people. Pederson’s Natural Farms and The Moxie Room have really put a lot of heart into this event. We would like to thank them for investing their time and resources to raise money for these charities that hold such a special place in our hearts.

Owen & Sandi Carlson

Horny Toad Bar & Grill, Niki Warms The Cold

Stacy Dudley

The Moxie Room, Pederson's Natural Farms

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