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Over $295,000 raised for our supported charities since 2012!

Bacon Bash Texas supports two causes – Children with Type 1 Diabetes and Niki Warms the Cold.

Each year, we raise funds to be able to provide Continuous Glucose Monitors and Diabetes Camp Scholarships to children with Type 1 Diabetes, as well as make a financial contribution to JDRF to support Type 1 research.

In addition to hosting a coat and blanket drive at Bacon Bash Texas, we also raise funds to support Niki Warms the Cold purchase additional coats, blankets, and other warm winter gear to distribute to homeless people across Texas each winter.

Niki Warms The Cold

Niki Warms the Cold is a charity born in memory of Cranfills Gap native Niki Carlson shortly after her unexpected death. Niki dreamed of keeping coats and blankets in her car to hand out to folks in need. This dream became reality as the seed Niki planted with her family began to grow. Niki Warms the Cold distributes coats and blankets to those in need across the state of Texas. Each year, a portion of Bacon Bash Texas proceeds are donated to Niki Warms the Cold to help fund the purchase of additional coats and blankets.  Bacon Bash also hosts a coat and blanket drive each October at Bacon Bash Texas.

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Type 1 Diabetes

Niki’s cousin, Lexie Finstad, and Cranfills Gap native, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  She was a nine year camper at a specialized diabetes camp in North Texas.  The camp’s main focus was to educate children on their illness and to help instill healthy habits in campers, while connecting them with other children with diabetes.  These specialized camps can make a huge impact in the life of a child with Type 1 Diabetes!  In 2015, Bacon Bash Texas started a scholarship fund to send children with Type 1 Diabetes to specialized diabetes camps.  Scholarships will be fully funded by Bacon Bash Texas proceeds.  Bacon Bash Texas also started a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance to children to receive a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with event proceeds.  This system allows remote monitoring of a Type 1 Diabetes patient’s glucose levels and alerts a parent when the child’s levels become dangerous.  Applications for both programs will be available here beginning May 1, 2016.  If you know a child (under the age of 18) with Type 1 Diabetes, please be sure to pass application information to their parents!

In 2017 alone, we donated:

to JDRF to aid in T1 research

in T1 Scholarships

to Niki Warms the Cold

We throw a really big party, and we made a really big difference in these kids’ lives!


Age 6, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 9, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 4, Illinois
CGM Recipient


Age 13, Michigan
CGM Recipient


Age 14, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 9, Texas
Camp Scholarship Recipient


Age 10, Texas
Camp Scholarship Recipient


Age 12, Oklahoma
CGM Recipient


Age 15, Texas
Camp Scholarship Recipient


Age 12, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 16, Texas
Camp Scholarship Recipient


Age 9, Texas
Camp Scholarship Recipient


Age 9, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 16, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 10, Arkansas
CGM Recipient


Age 8, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 14, Illinois
CGM Recipient


Age 6, Arkansas
CGM Recipient


Age 3, Arkansas
CGM Recipient


Age 11, Texas
Camp Scholarship Recipient


Age 8, Georgia
Camp Scholarship Recipient


Age 10, Texas
CGM Recipient


Age 13, Texas
CGM Recipient

More 2018 CGM Scholarship Recipients

Adam, Texas – Age 4  |  Emily, Mississippi – Age 9  |  Ivan, Texas – Age 9  |  Jesi, Texas – Age 9


2017 – 2018 Charitable Partners

Packing Progressions

Packing Progressions specializes in packaging for the food industry and has been a great friend to Bacon Bash Texas.  They supplied funds for one 2018 CGM Scholarship, with a surplus that was able to help partially fund another 2018 CGM Scholarship!  We could not be more grateful for their generosity!  Thank you, PacPro!

Stephenville Evening Lions Club

Thank you to the Stephenville Evening Lions Club for your partnership this year!  With your generous donation, we were able to supply a 2018 CGM Scholarship to an Erath County resident!  Thank you, Evening Lions!

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