Dyin' Breed BBQ

Dyin’ Breed BBQ, is pretty much a 50/50 split hailing from Abilene and Comanche, with the Team Captain coming from Northern Virginia.  I guess you could say they are a “mixed bag of bacon tricks.” All the team members have at least seen a BBQ grill and some have even operated one, but they all understand that bacon makes everything better!!

Nathan Pyburn “Pit Boss” is no stranger around a BBQ Pit, in fact he loves it so much he recently started his own YouTube Channel!  TJ Brown “Wing Man” is a Veteran Redleg who loves bacon almost as much as his country! Wade Pyburn “Bacon PR” has worked for Farm Bureau Insurance for 30 years and is a real people person; oh yeah, he has also LOVED bacon grease on white bread since he was a young’n.  Rick Brown “Seasoned” is not a first timer when it comes to cooking competitions. He has been in a few… and by “few” I mean a bunch! Sean Pyburn “The Butcher” is a teacher now, but he worked at Bolners Meat as a butcher while he was in college. Nicole Abert “Momma Hen” is a full time mother and a bacon lover; they needed someone to keep all the guys from going bacon crazy.  Last but not least, Ryan and Kirk are thenquality control experts.

This will be Dyin’ Breed BBQ’s first year competing in the Bacon Bash Texas, and they’re hoping their bacon tricks do not disappoint!!


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