Stuart Veldhuizen

Stuart is a lifelong dairy farmer, raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota, and is a third-generation dairyman in his family.

After moving the family to Texas, he was looking for a way to take the dairy a step farther and produce a value-added product. He decided to begin marketing raw milk with an eye towards producing artisan raw milk cheese. Stuart took a Basic Cheesemaking course at the University of Wisconsin, followed by Advanced Cheesemaking courses on different styles of cheeses.

Building the business from the ground up, with very few resources, Stuart began to realize he had the skills necessary to design and construct the buildings needed for the operation. Along with making a great product, Stuart had to figure out the best way to bring his cheese to the market. From small beginnings to selling the cheese all over the state of Texas, Stuart is very resourceful at figuring out all aspects of a successful business.

He is a sought-after speaker for agriculture conferences; and has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles. He was recently featured on a statewide television show. He has hosted tours for international groups, school groups, universities, and military groups.

He has enjoyed hosting cheese and wine (or beer) pairings and doing food judging. All these activities speak to his love of fine food.

Stuart along with his wife have built a business they love on the land and enjoy spending time with their seven children and grandchildren.


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