Denise Cooke

Denise is a self-proclaimed fatty.  Yes, that’s right she says fatty.  She doesn’t want to be mistaken for a foodie “because those people know what to do with groceries; I just like to eat and be merry”.  Denise has judged the Fort Worth Star Telegram Burger Battle as well as Bacon Bash Texas 2014.  But that’s not the only thing in her food loving repertoire.  She is also a completive eater and has placed 2nd in the past 2 years in the Best Maid Pickle eating contest.  In her defense, first place was pregnant.  And because it ain’t bragging if you can do it, has even won competitions with her hands tied behind her back.  (How is this girl not married?!)

Denise is an editor of the Fort Worth Star Telegram and is a champion for the human race.  And, fueled by her love of people and food, she is a huge supporter of Meals on Wheels and of course Bacon Bash Texas!  In her off time, when she’s not eating, she enjoys calling in to the Delilah show in an awful accent, watching amateur hockey fights, long walks in the mall, and anything wrapped in bacon.


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