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Larson Folkerts

My name is Larson Folkerts and I live in the country on a commercial tree farm with my husband and our two young children. I LOVE to cook but I know how hard cooking at home can be when you’re juggling work, children, schedules and everything in between. I’m on a mission to help make cooking at home easier, affordable and approachable by sharing recipes for real life; simple recipes that use wholesome ingredients you can find at any grocery store, whether that’s a small town Walmart or a big city Whole Foods. I created my cookbooks A Month of Dinner to provide recipes, pre-made grocery lists, pantry staple lists and more in the hopes of helping anyone cook at home more. I love to cook (usually with a glass of wine in hand and some 90s country music playing), I love being with my family and I love spending time outside. Let’s love to cook!