Ty Murray

Theo Weening

Theo Weening has helped create the highest standards for meat in the industry. He offers a lifetime of meat experience and extensive training from the Slagers Vak School in The Netherlands and as a cook in the Dutch Air Force. Prior to joining Whole Foods Market in 1992 as a meat team leader, Theo came to the United States through a student exchange program and used his knowledge of meat and cooking to land a position at Sutton Place Gourmet in Washington, D.C..  Before that, he spent his youth assisting his father in their family-owned meat shop in Holland. Theo’s passion for quality meats; intricate knowledge of raising practices, cuts and preparation techniques; and his dedication to the art of a centuries-old craft has made him a highly-sought national expert.  He is truly dedicated to working closely with producers to ensure customers receive the best tasting products that are raised based on the highest animal welfare standards.