GAP Certified | Global Animal Partnership (GAP), Austin, TX

TEAM: GAP Certified  | Global Animal Partnership (GAP), Austin, TX (GAPcertified.org)

Diane McDade, Amy Cunningham (+ TBD)

First Time Entry, second time at the event (Diane)

We’re in it to support longtime friends & GAP certified partners at Pederson Farms, help raise some funds for two great causes and duke it out for a shot at the L-Board!

By day, GAP certifies farms & ranches for animal welfare and 1200+ products made with meat & poultry from GAP farms. The GAP label always means: no antibiotics, no added hormones and 

100% vegetarian diet (no animal byproducts). 

What’s Our Game Plan?      We’ll be makin’ GAP Certified Bacon

The L-Board might be a long shot, but when it’s over, Cranfills Gap is gonna’ be Cranfills GAP


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