Chef Joey Guzman

Chef Joey Guzman

Joseph is a West Texas native born in Petersburg Texas. He started his culinary venture in high school and has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Working his way up through the Culinary scene he has had various mentors and years of self-development to refine his techniques and skills.

Joseph has found his passion working in upscale hotels and country clubs from Dallas to Chicago that include Stonebriar Westin Resort, Dallas Hilton Lincoln Center, Northwood Club and Westmoreland Country Club. Throughout his career he has achieved many goals and accomplishments such as 2013 Chicago Club Chefs winner, 2015 Amarillo Style Magazine feature, 2015 Ben E Keith Recipe Winner, 2015 Wild Cat Bluff Culinary Challenge winner , 2016 Panhandle Restaurant Round Up Battle of the Chefs Champion.

Meeting other creatives such as Grant Achatz, Omar Cantu, Beverly Kim, and Masaharu Morimoto has inspired and driven his culinary career to new heights. He spends time creating vast menus and continuing to elevate himself with infused flavors from various travels all over the world. Chef Joseph displays knowledge and experience in a diverse range of cuisines.

Joseph brings many years of training, attention to detail, unique flavor concepts, and most of all, delicious food to the table. With his unmatched passion and seasoned culinary skills, Toscana is sure to be exactly like nothing else.